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Ray's Page

Greetings! My name is Raymond S. Stintsman. I am the owner and senior technician of Spider Ray’s Pest Control. Most of our customers know me as Spiderman. That other guy is the imposter! (Ha Ha.) I am 57 years old, semi–retired, happily married, father of four (two daughters and two stepsons), and four grandchildren (two boys and two girls). I am the oldest of nine siblings.

My wife and I live on Catawba Island, Lake Erie. When time permits, we love riding my "94" Heritage Softail Harley. I enjoy adventure. I love to travel and I’m open minded about new ideas. I am a lifetime Browns fan of 39 years so many of you can commiserate with me. I also played and enjoy both football and basketball. I am presently paying for it today. I love hunting (gun and bow) as well as fishing. I love music, mostly "rock–n–roll", Motown and oldies.

I have asthma, but don’t be concerned. I have had this condition for over 25 years, probably from the propane fumes, diesel, and dust working on the freight dock prior to my profession of eight years in the pest control industry, and it has not worsened.

I was also the former co–owner and senior technician of Lucky Lee’s Spider Control. I was the only licensed partner aside from the original owner, Mr. Lee Aquilla. I was personally trained by Lee and considered him as my mentor and friend. May he rest in peace. Approximately eleven years ago, Lee invited me into this business and I have had no regrets. I have met many great customers and I just want to thank all of you for your support and blessings.

We belong to a few worthy organizations, A.B.A.T.E., The N.R.A, and the American Legion. I believe in God, family, and the U.S.A. Do you like being free? Thank an American Veteran. I do not like to talk about politics because my views may be unpopular with some. I have strong and deep convictions. I am ‘old school’ and I have old fashioned values. I wish we could still do business with a firm handshake. I believe in the core values that our forefathers brought to this land. I believe that my grandfather was right, that crooked politicians will destroy our nation if we let them. I believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. (It does NOT need to be revised. Lazy Americans need to be revised.) I believe in fighting poverty––I work. I believe in teaching our youth the Golden Rule as well as life skills. We should explain why they should be good students. I believe we should be good role models. I believe in living by principles. I believe you should take a stand for what you know is right. I believe that we will reap what we sow and I believe in loyalty and good character.

My pledge to you is, and always will be, to give you the most honest and professional service available on the market today. All of our technicians are trained by me and attend continuing education classes. We are respectful and responsible to you, the customer. I will go the extra mile for you, you are the boss!

Always at your service,